A new journey starts right now

Dear Friends,
the blank space on this page is so scary! We’re all used to writing emails or letters, but the first… THE FIRST post on a new blog is such a big challenge!
Ok, let’s start.. mmmh…
Giulia, Leonardo and I (Filippo) have been working on the Outhentico project for such a long time that we are almost amazed that it is finally going to start for real! Can you imagine? Our project is real now and you can be part of it.
Giulia! Leo! Go and pack your bags, our friends are waiting for us!
Ok, maybe it’s a little too early for this but… not so much actually: as soon as read about our tours you will want to contact us immediately and we’ll need to be ready for that… oops.. what’s the time!!? Sooo late! Giulia! Leo! Come on, the bus is down the road and can’t wait too long…
… and you? Come on, get on the bus and get ready to enjoy our Italy!