Laboratori Ansaldo – La Scala di Milano

Since 20 February 2001, the Teatro alla Scala workshops have been located in the former industrial site of the Ansaldo steel plants in Milan.

This huge 20,000-square-metre facility is divided into three pavilions dedicated to the director Luchino Visconti, stage designer Nicola Benois, and costume designer Luigi Sapelli. Most of the handmade works for productions are carried out there – set designs, sculptures, heat-forming, carpentry, mechanics, set assembly, costume making, costume design, and laundering. The premises house more than 60,000 stage costumes, and include practice rooms for the chorus and a stage area for rehearsals which is a perfect replica of the Piermarini stage in the main theatre.

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Wishing to share this, La Scala has decided to open the Scala Ansaldo Workshops to the public and visitors can now embark on a journey through the backstage of the theatre and see the birth of a show at first hand.